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Buying art online can be quite the daunting task for even an experienced collector. Which art sites to use and what artists to buy can be quite challenging. First off, you are buying art online without ever seeing the work in person, so that is the first challenge. Is the work the same as the picture or has it been altered in photoshop to make the colors more vivid?

Installation views can be helpful because they are more realistic as to what the painting will be like in your home. I am not talking about those fake virtual rooms because once again those are altered to look great. I am saying from the artists studio or the gallery where it is being hung. Next question is finding info about the artist. Are they serious about their careers as artists? Is it a good investment? Years ago people used art reference books to see if an artist was legit, now not to many people buying art online even know what that is. This would list previous sales, how much a pieces sold for and when, and if the artist was in any auctions, and if the art sold at an auction.

Secondly, most of the art sites now a days let anyone sell their art online and that is overwhelming for us consumers, and there is no focus. With, they check all artists prior to adding them to their website. They find out about the artist before you can even make that purchase. They work intimately with Museums, Art Galleries and respected artists in the field.


So when you get ready to make that online purchase of any art you want to know if that artist is still showing their work or their heirs are just selling off their works to get rid of them from the basement. I am not saying you can't find a great find, especially because in some cases artists die before being recognized, but there are certain factors which make artists sought after as well as whether they will increase in price while being alive or well after they have passed.

Being in art auctions can help artists careers, but not always. If they don't sell at an auction that history can hurt an artist, or taint as they say in the business, their careers. Sites that use only galleries are good because they work with high end galleries and only ask galleries that are up to par to join. However most of those sites can inflate prices for that reason.

Remember, you are the consumer and ultimately a business man or woman because you are concerned about price , your money and in many times, resale value. Art is not liquid, so don't expect immediate returns. It is first and foremost an enjoyment and secondly an investment. You can find similar pieces by the same artist at half the price if you do your research online. I am not suggesting you should go around the dealer, I am merely recommending that you seek out other dealers that may offer that artist at a lower price. If not that, then ask the gallery to match the other price, and often they will. Just because they are a gallery doesn't mean they don't haggle like car dealers. Yes, the gallery may say, "well this piece is different," but we know it is not in reality. Just think, if you owned a Basquiat, no matter what the piece, it would yield you money regardless if it differs from the other galleries offering.

Now you are ready to purchase art online confidently because no one likes to go in blind folded to a business meeting, be sharp and be bold and, you got this...

BY ArtBuys Team USA


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